Women In (Black) History

It goes without saying that many of us believe that Black History, Women History, Native American History, etc. should not be limited to one month- or even more so in some of these “celebrations”- one day.

But, here we are, in February to celebrate another month of contributions that Blacks in this country have yielded. Today, we celebrate all those accomplishments and especially those from Our women, Black women, All women. Be thou inspired!

W-wait no longer to proclaim what is yours.
O-offer no opportunity for failure.
M-move forward, the world is yours to conquer.
E-elevate yourself, and don’t look back.
N-now and always, stay inspired!

2 thoughts on “Women In (Black) History”

  1. Thank you for being a strong woman. You’re an amazing woman and I’m glad to call you friend and family . You have a heart of gold and the spirit of a fighter . You are one of my role models.

  2. Latifah made her mark in hip-hop by rapping about issues of black women. Her songs covered topics including domestic violence, harassment on the streets, and relationship problems.

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