Summer Love- Yourself

Most people enjoy summer. It is the time we make plans for vacations and projects. It is often the time we have established to reach some personal goals (writing that book, starting that podcast, cleaning out that basement/garage- and so forth).

It is important to choose your “summer” (even if it does not fall during the traditional summer months according to the seasons calendar). There is ample information and encouragement about self-care and taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am adding to that bandwagon. I am encouraging us all to take time to love ourselves. In doing so, we set expectations for ourselves and treat ourselves with the care and dignity we deserve- on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, in the past week, I have learned of two very young people suffering heart attacks, one mid-30s and the other early-40s. Too young! Thus, while we are attending to those long overdue items we pledged to complete, let’s not forget to take some time for ourselves, and to check on the wellness of those we love- (after we have taken time to ensure we are at our best, so we can be a blessing to them).

What are some things you do to “take care of yourself” and show yourself some love?

This is nothing new. We know it is important to take time to attend to our needs, so why do you think it is so hard for us to do it?

Let’s be accountable. What is one item you plan to complete before summer is “officially” over? When do you plan to complete it by (set a tangible date)? Who do you have to support you and hold you responsible?

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