Renewed (Re-You’d)

It’s a new year! We often start each new year off by stating it is time for a “new me.” This year, I have shifted my thinking. My Christian teachings have me of the belief that I am “beautifully and wonderfully made.” Thus, I won’t seek to replace this wonderful creation, but I will renew my thinking and actions as we enter this new year. This year, I will focus more on positivity. In last month’s blog, I disclosed that I was in a life-altering violent experience that left me reflecting on- and greatly appreciating- life. Therefore, I will aim to live each day a little healthier, a little more active, a little more spiritual- and definitely a little more grateful than the day before. We don’t need a NEW you, we just look forward to everyday with the BEST you!


I did not like how my day turned out today,

I had unproductive thoughts today,

I did not make the best decision,

I had a great deal of self-doubt,

I did not accomplish by tasks,

I did not move to action,

I did not give my best,

I will always strive to surpass life’s tests,

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