My Voice

October Poem of Inspiration:

My Voice

Though I be just one voice,

I dare to take a stand.

I dare to take the challenge,

To control the upper hand.

Though I may be a softer voice,

I dare to lend my hand.

I dare myself to realize,

That my destiny, I command.

Though it be just my voice,

It’s a voice that shall emerge.

I dare to fight a mighty fight,

Until my cause is heard.

October’s blog is dedicated to the all the Cancer Survivors (and the strong that lost their battle), whose strength we could never quantify.

Who do you want to dedicate strength to today?

How can we as women help reinstate “the village” approach when it comes to collectively supporting one another?

What other poems, words or wisdom, or insights do you have to share?

2 thoughts on “My Voice”

  1. Very inspirational and thought provoking. Dr. Smith’s ways with words help me transcend the moment and reflect on what was …but also what can be! My strength is dedicated to my will to achieve greatness and to never give up. Thank you. What a phenomenal passage that resonates with my soul!

  2. I want to dedicate strength today toward creating a positive and peaceful atmosphere in my work place and at home.

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