May I?

Often as women, it seems we have to give ourselves permission on so many things. We have to be encouraged to be vulnerable, ask for help, be firm, stand up for ourselves- and sometimes to stand up others- to say no and so many other validations. One major area I feel we don’t give ourselves the proper permission is to be loved, the way we should, when it comes to companionship.

I don’t know a woman out there, who does not believe they deserve real love- that is pure and real. However, often we accept less than that because the alternative to that- being alone- is too great to endure. Thus, we settle, not for the one that is meant for us, but the one that is there with us in that moment. For the month of May (and beyond and prior too) we will demand what seek and refuse to accept mediocrity when it comes to our most precious commodity- our hearts. May I be loved the way I deserve? Yes, you may!


May I, get the respect- for real and not maybe?
May I, be addressed like a woman, treated like a lady?
May I, be valued for what’s in my mind?
May I, not be valued for the size of my behind?

May I, be honored for what I contribute?
May I, be thanked for services I distribute?
May I, be a partner in the important decisions?
May I, contribute to the our life’s mission and vision?

May I, be reverenced for all I am to you?
May I, be celebrated through and through?
May I, not have to ask but be shown?
May I, constantly feel how much we have grown?
May I, be loved the way I deserve?
May I, give you all I asked in return?
May I?

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