“Write” or Wrong

(Creative Writings for Women by Women to Encourage and Support)…

No man can choose your mountains, or tell you when to climb. They are yours alone to conquer, at your own pace and time.” (Patricia J. Harbor)

Women, since the dawn of civilization, have chosen their “mountains” and climbed them at their own pace. The results have been phenomenal. Whenever the subject of strength and power arise, many are prone to reflect on the images of men. However, the accomplishments and fortitude of women can no longer be overlooked. For every strong man, there stands an equally strong woman.

From the beginning of time, women have helped to shape this nation. The strength of these women has passed from generation to generation. The women of the past were the roots. The women of the present are the stems that are steadily blossoming into beautiful flowers of the future. No one dare stand in the way of our progress. With movements like the “Me Too” movement, political, and civic unrest, many women are starting to be vocal and visible. Is this our time? Have we begun too late? Are we preparing the young ladies of tomorrow to lead fearlessly and on equal par? Whose responsibility is it to do so?

Look into our eyes and see the determination, for we are women. Feel our hearts beat with passion, for we are women. Hear our songs of victory, for we are women. Watch us walk with pride, for we are women.

Sometimes, women, we allow ourselves to get lost in the shuffles of the world. Back down no more. Now it’s time for all women to take their rightful positions in society and gain the proper respect they so deserve. Taking one day at a time is all we can do. There is no need to fear tomorrow, because through our collective strength and determination, we already have it conquered.

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