December’s Dedication

These blogs are established to encourage us as women, as we know we have an important role in supporting the men that help lead this nation as well.  However, at times, we lose ourselves trying to remain dedicated to relationships (personal and professional) that deduct from the very core of who we are- and reaching the potential of who we are meant to be.

This writer recently experienced her own personal tragedy of violence at the hands of a loved one, and truly understands the aftermath and the healing path that will now become a part of the life’s processes for not only herself, but also her family.

December is dedicated to every woman and family that has been impacted by Domestic Violence (all violence).  Ladies, STOP!  LOVE DOES NOT HURT.  I dedicate this December “Poem of Inspiration” to each of us.

Woman- Nature’s Best Creation 

The playful breeze
     trickles through the ruffled leaves.
As the trees bend toward
     the sun’s beckoning call.

Mother Nature boasts
     in all her works.
As her power manifests itself
     in the glory of a new day.

The flowers yawn
     while the grass stretches upward.
The ground spits forth
     the rodents of it’s breasts.

‘Tis creation.
          ‘Tis beauty.
                    ‘Tis life.
                              ‘Tis woman.
                                    ‘Tis an eternal being.

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