1,000,000 Reasons To Smile…

Welcome me back, Friends and Loved Ones (Smiles).

I know it has been some time since I last posted. Life has a way sometimes of sucking all our energy. Slurrrrrp. Just like that, and its all gone, and we struggle just to make it through our daily routines.

I’m not going to lie. I thought I’d be in a much different place emotionally at this point. I am used to having “life all together.” I am used to being a sounding board, resource, and a listening ear for others, and for an unusual moment in my life, I am finding myself on the receiving end of those needs.

I have been blessed to be uplifted and supported by my few close friend (as always) and loving strangers. I have been connected over the last year with people and organizations in the non-profit world, doing things for the good of humanity, and I can’t wait to get myself “fully functioning” again to join them in this cause.

My mission was to do that by now. When life shifted on me, I decided to use the only thing I have always known, my writing, and my voice to help others like me. But, I quickly realized I was not ready. It has been like having writer’s block. Just stuck. I have not, and possibly may not, be able to share my story to help others find themselves, but I can and will share my life, my volunteerism, my energy to these same organizations that were there for me and my kids when we were at our lowest points of needs.

In researching, I learned these organizations help over a million people each year. Although it’s sad this level of people need these services, it’s a resounding blessing to know these services exist. I smile for those millions who are getting that push to move forward and be their z”even better” selves.

I know right now, I have over a million reasons to smile, but what about you? We have to DAILY remind ourselves of at least one. When we wake up each day, that is a blessed day! Continue to find you way, find your energy, find your happiness, seek your purpose- and smile. And…don’t let anyone take that from you again. Joy!

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